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Atif Aslam Is Donating A LOT Of Money For Dam Funds But People Are Like “Bus Itna Hi?”

Prime Minister Imran Khan released a statement on Friday about the direness of our country’s water situation, declaring a national water crisis from growing scarcity. He said that at the time of Pakistan’s dawn, every Pakistani had 5,600 cubic meters of water, but today it’s only at 1000 cubic meters. He went onto emphasize the importance of building a dam before our country reaches drought conditions by 2025 and descends into inevitable chaos. The P.M. appealed to all Pakistanis to donate funds to the construction of dams and urged overseas Pakistanis to contribute too. While donations are all set to roll in, singer Atif Aslam is the first to generously donate a whopping Rs. 2.5 million to the scheme.

Atif allegedly met with the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mian Saqib Nisar to personally give the sum of Rs. 25 lakh for the construction of the dams

The singer met the Chief Justice on Sunday morning at his residence in Islamabad to present the cheque.

Bravo Atif! Bravo indeed!

While most of the country has been rightfully lauding the singer for wholeheartedly donating such a generous amount for the cause, the amount he’s donating has, unfortunately, become subject to severe criticism by others. So as expected, it’s started quite the online feud…

Many praised the singer for donating Rs. 25 lakh

However, a debate began around the amount not being enough, considering the singer’s net worth value

With many suggesting that he should have given more to the dam fund

Users responded to those criticizing Atif for not donating enough, saying that we should applaud him for at least taking an initiative

Many condemned those judging the singer, saying that even if he hadn’t donated he’d still be subject to hate

Fans responded to the criticism and said they simply wished that he’d donate more

Mediators tried to dilute the situation by encouraging everyone to donate “instead of judging”

Do you think the singer should have donated more money?


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