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Mia Khalifa Just Applied To University Of Sargodha And People Are Losing It

We all know Pakistanis love to have fun. And Pakistani students in particular? Oh yeah, they know what to do.

And it seems as if some kids were at it again when they filled out an admission form for University, on behalf of a Miss ‘Mia Khalifa.’


“Mia Khalifa” just “applied” to Sargodha University and people are losing it.

The page, ‘University of Sargodha – UOS’ posted an image of the form to their own Facebook page, reprimanding whoever was responsible for their actions.

The image has since then been removed from the page, we think due to well, this.

But, we were lucky enough to catch (screenshot) a glimpse of it before it was taken away.

Oh and we caught a couple of glimpses of some reactions too.

It was also potentially a great way to get admissions


What do you think? What kind of pranks would you pull in school? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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