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PIA Was Ranked The Third Worst Airline In The World And Well, At Least We’re Not First

Pakistan International Airlines is very famous or should we say infamous, amongst Pakistanis worldwide.

The national carrier has slowly declined in terms of service over the years, much to peoples chagrin. Rarely does PIA now have a flight which is not delayed. It is literally known by people for delayed flights and it’s more surprising when a flight is on time.

So now that AirHelp has published their quarterly list of the worst airlines operating currently, of course, PIA had to get a spot on it. The only thing we should be thankful about is the fact that PIA is not in the number one spot. I mean, we’re not THE worst so it’s okay. But alas,

PIA is third on the list of the worst airlines in the world.

And you know what, Pakistanis aren’t even surprised.

From what was once the world’s most premier airline to one of the worst as it is being referred to today, is a long fall. And probably there isn’t a day that goes by where there isn’t a disgruntled PIA customer complaining about the airline online.

Not to mention the dozens of viral videos about incredibly bad customer experiences people post online which do a lot of damage to the company’s image.

But even with all of these problems, there are some people who remain hopeful about the airline turning it all around.

What are your thoughts about PIA and its performance? Let us know in the comments.



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