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These Horrifying Videos Of Young Students Being Bullied In Peshawar Are Infuriating Pakistanis

Bullying has come to the forefront in many countries and societies as of recently.

In recent years, brutal attacks, suicides, and many more horrible things have taken place due to bullying and harassment.

The extent of the effects of harassment is not shared, which is why it continues to take place.

People are told to keep it to themselves and keep it bottled inside, warna izzat pey daag lag jai ga. This is what we are told, so we suffer and suffer until an individual takes their life or gets attacked. This is what prompts us to take action, but what about the people that suffer every day?

To make it worse, children face this problem on a daily basis. They suffer in places that are supposed to be safe – like schools.

It is often people that know like other students or friends that pick on them and ridicule them in front of masses. The people committing these acts of violation feel no remorse, because they often get away with it without punishment.

Incidents like these can be witnessed all over social media and to say it quite frankly, it is pretty appalling. For instance, these videos surfaced recently:

Commenters under the videos claim to have identified the place as Edwardes College, Peshawar.

They’re beyond horrifying, to say the least.

These kids were ragged, made fun of, forced to perform tasks, stripped of clothing, for what?

For the pure entertainment and time-pass of others. In the first video, there are security guards that come over to see what is going on, but do not intervene. Again I ask, why does this still happen and what have these innocents kids done to deserve this type of treatment?

Here are some reactions people had to these videos:

Many believed the government and the educational institutes should take action.

Some pointed out the non-involvement of law enforcers

Schools and transportation facilities should be safe. Students shouldn’t worry about being targeted.

It is absolutely under no circumstance okay to let this happen and treat it as normal. We have normalized issues like these for far too long. As parents, friends, family members, and strangers we need to realize the mental health and physical health of children that suffer that traumatic experiences. It is unacceptable.

As a society, we need to raise awareness and make a difference. We need to bring awareness to issues like bullying and harassment that takes place in or around educational institutes. And we can do so in multiple ways, through various platforms.

Let’s all take an initiative and promise to do the right thing and put an end to bullying.

Spread the word, make a change, and tackle negativity.


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